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The Royal Music & Arts Center, Inc.





The Royal Music Hall (“The Royal”), located at 1 S Easton Rd, Glenside PA, was launched on September 18, 2021, as a for-profit partnership between Jerry Clarke and Bridgett Gordon. The creation of The Royal – Glenside’s newest 100-person capacity live music venue – was driven by life experience, daily struggles, and a desire to be inclusive. Their goal was to create an intimate venue to present professional music and comedy shows at a reasonable cost in a convenient suburban Philadelphia location.


Since its opening, The Royal has presented more than 150 shows and has established a highly acclaimed weekly open mic night. From the outset, our first priority was to outfit the venue with a state-of-the-art sound system, allowing performers – from soloists to 7-piece rock bands – to be easily heard without overwhelming the audience. Artists and guests alike have consistently commented that the venue is a visual and aural jewel.


That The Royal has become a cherished addition to the community is reflected in its being recently honored by the Best of Glenside, Glenside Awards Program as the “Best Live Music Venue” in 2022.


We believe that Glenside and its neighboring communities needed a destination, a home for music, as we inched our way out of the pandemic. In our first year, we achieved our vision: To provide a home where people of all backgrounds, music of all genres, and performers of all experience levels feel welcome – where they feel treated like the royalty they are. Since we opened our doors, members of the community have come together each week to celebrate the local music scene, local artists and comedians, and local businesses.




Given the challenges we have faced this year, and as the time approaches to renew our lease, The Royal has decided to treat the venue for what it truly is: An inclusive institution that draws from, and gives back to, our community.


To reflect the fact that, during its short tenure, the venue has established itself as an integral part of the Glenside scene, we will continue to use the name “The Royal” while operating under the reorganized entity, The Royal Music & Arts Center, Inc. (RMAC). As a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable entity, RMAC will be able to seek tax-deductible funding support through grants and contributions from philanthropic organizations, arts agencies, sponsors, businesses, and individual donors. Such subsidies will allow RMAC the flexibility to keep ticket prices affordable (while still compensating artists fairly), offer community-based events, and expand our food and beverage options – all while continuing to deliver high-quality entertainment and serving the interests of local and regional artists. RMAC plans to offer membership packages that will include “member-only” perks, such as early ticket purchase, discounts, preferred seating and more. To reduce costs further, and to increase community involvement, many of the tasks involved in day-to-day operations will be assumed by members of the Board of Directors and a team of dedicated volunteers.


And as a mark of our dedication to this enterprise, and to assure seamless continuity in presenting quality entertainment, all investors are donating their ownership interests in The Royal to RMAC.




Initial Board Members include the following individuals:


Gerald Clarke, Esq., is a practicing lawyer and accountant, and a passionate amateur musician. Clarke was the primary financial investor in The Royal and is personally motivated to see that the venue becomes a successful community resource.


Bridgett Gordon, a legal assistant and lifelong multi-instrumentalist, Gordon has served as the manager and the face of The Royal since its inception. Gordon has spent countless unpaid hours ensuring that quality performances become the hallmark of The Royal, and building a brand that is inclusive and inspiring.


Leonard R. Blazick, Esq., a retired Assistant Chief Staff Attorney for the Central Legal Staff of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Montgomery County Youth Center and Logan Tennis Club. Blazick has been heavily involved in operations and promotion for The Royal, including two successful sold-out concerts benefitting the Gino Carosella Fund of the ALS Hope Foundation. Blazick intends to continue to use his promotional/organizational skills to ensure that The Royal remains a viable and important community resource for music and arts.


Bernard Gillespie, a graphic artist/programmer and part time musician who helps to organize and run the weekly open mics that have become a staple in the community. Gillespie also lends his talents to help the Royal maintain its reputation as a great sounding venue.  Gillespie will lend his expertise in merchandising and graphic presentation for the venue.


Additional Board Members will be recruited to represent the community served by RMAC.



To provide a venue that truly belongs to the community and offers a resource for music, culture and entertainment, RMAC needs to secure funding beyond what is possible through ticket sales alone.


To that end, we are kicking off our initial Fund Drive for The Royal Music & Arts Center. Our immediate and urgent goal is to raise $25,000 by December 31, 2022. The funds will be earmarked for expenses incurred during this important transition, including lease renewal, facility maintenance, and day-to-day operations.


Funding will also provide the financial footing needed to enable us to pursue our longer-term goals:


●      Establish RMAC as an inclusive community resource to support a diverse range of constituents, including civic organizations, support groups, youth activities, and educational programs

●    Secure the licensing needed to produce special arts-related events, such as movie screenings and theater performances

●        Increase food and beverage service as a revenue source and to help RMAC compete with other local venues

●        Book nationally known artists and performers at subsidized ticket prices

●        Upgrade and maintain lighting and sound equipment

●        Explore expanding the physical size of the venue

●        Broaden our marketing and promotional outreach


To meet these ambitious goals, we need your help. We ask you to please consider making a generous tax-deductible[1] gift today! Please make checks payable to “The Royal Music & Arts Center, Inc.” Electronic Transactions are also accepted through Venmo @theroyalglenside or PayPal via the link below. Please use note"RMAC DRIVE" when submitting payment.


If you would like to speak with any of the Board Members, or to come and see (and hear!) our beautiful venue before deciding on a gift, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.


The Royal Music & Arts Center, Inc. (RMAC), a Pennsylvania Not-for-Profit whose 501(c)(3) application is pending, is the successor of Red Carpet Events, LLC, d/b/a The Royal Music Hall.


Contact us:

The Royal Music & Arts Center, Inc.

1 South Easton Road

Glenside, PA 19038




[1]The Royal Music & Arts Center, Inc., has filed for tax exemption under IRC §501(c)(3). Under IRS rules, an organization may treat itself as a tax-exempt organization once this filing has taken place since the designation would be retroactive to the filing date. Accordingly, contributions will be deemed tax deductible unless the exemption request is denied.

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